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Zero-budget natural farming: Method already a hit in Kurukshetra

Zero-budget natural farming is done on over 180 acres at Gurukul
KURUKSHETRA: Gurukul Kurukshetra which is run by Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Rohtak, Haryana, has been doing zero-budget natural farming (ZBNF) in over 180 under the direct observation of Himachal Pradesh governor Acharya Dev Vrat.

For officials at the Gurukul, the results have been encouraging. A farmer from Mehra village in Kurukshetra, Raj Kumar, has been using the minimalist farming method on his 12 acres for 14 years. “I am happy with the results and income of this farming. They are better than conventional methods. The problem with farmers is they are not able to find a suitable market for this produce and the government will have to develop a market,” he said.
Kumar grows vegetables, pulses, bajra, maize, wheat and paddy. “I have to market it well and mostly sell it in Chandigarh. I cultivate on contract and market demand,” he added.

Asked how he fertilizes his fields, Kumar said many fertilizers could be developed with the help of cow dung and cow urine. “They are fermented over time and released into the fields with water,” he said.
Kurukshetra deputy director of agriculture (DDA) Pardeep Meel said once the cost of production falls, income increases. “Different formulas are used to prepare fertilizers and pesticides using cow dung and urine. There is no reduction in the crop produced,” he said. “My message to farmers is farming done with chemical fertilizers costs more. If they want to double their income, they should opt for zero-budget natural farming on some part of their land,”

Use of genetically modified seeds, fertilizer, pesticides lead to all diseases including cancer. No matter how rich one is, be will not be able to save themselves from this crisis. Govt must provide market access to these farmers. Zero-budget natural farming is a welcome step.

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