Yes we are with Uttarakhand state Bio diversity Board

Big marks no remarks to uttarakhand state biodiversity board for fair and equitable benefits to the local producers and native conservators of uttarakhand traditional attach with the herbs ,seeds and rights in the communal forest.
Under the boundaries of a nation -organic resources are of a nation but in reality it is of local and native resources,who have taken years and generations to conserve through its hard work and have transfer periodically to the comming generations.
In 1993 India was in lead to sign on Conservation of Biological Diversity(CBD)and the world appreciated in its implementation.
If we find a case study of the traditional growers of herbs of kani tribes and tropical botonicalgarden and research institute along with arypharmacy of coimbatore which collaborated to form jeevany brands in health medicine while the profit of 50% was given to kani tribes for providing the methods and knowledge of arogyapachy herbs,this method of sharing was popular and appreciable in the world and many countries adopted this method.
In an article written by yatinder there are many such examples like in arunachal the bagun community through there community based program develop a reserve forest ,an area of 17 square km to conserve the rare spices of birds.
In nagaland the leusechulanl community made a 101sqkm community forest and conserve rare amur and other birds spices.In this community forest birds have 85 and tortoise have 15 spices.
if we see in the last 3 years data says that 36,000 herbs forest have been vanished in the cost of roads,railwaylines,mining and hydro dams projects.

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