World Elephant Day 2021: Elephants are responsible for the conservation of tigers in Corbett National Park

World Elephant Day 2021: Elephants also have their own world in Corbett National Park, famous for tigers. Along with wild elephants, domesticated elephants contribute a great deal to the biodiversity of Corbett. Even though 1226 wild elephants are present in Corbett, the 11 domesticated elephants here are the most important link in the protection of tigers. The protection of the forest is due to the patrolling of these domesticated and trained elephants. These include Asha, Albeli, Pavanpari, Lakshma, Gomti, Sonakali, Kapila, Kanchabha, Tunga, Ganga, Sivaganga among female elephants, Rama, Gajraj, Bhishma, Karna and Sawan male elephants. All elephants are trained except Sawan, which has entered its fourth year on August 2. Corbett administration has now started training Sawan as well.

The domesticated elephants in the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) are making a significant contribution to the tiger conservation project of the Government of India. It can also be said that without elephants, the thinking of conservation of tigers and other wildlife in CTR is incomplete. That is why it is also a matter of pride that Corbett is at the top of the national parks in the country in terms of the number of tigers. Within the forest of Corbett, the rivers and streams remain in spate during the rainy season. Here the unpaved roads made for pedestrian movement are washed away. Can’t even reach the vehicle. In such a situation, ration is delivered to the staff living in the forest posts within the forests of Corbett through these pet elephants. The same elephants make the patrolling personnel easily cross the rivers and streams. Not only this, due to dense forests, bushes and rivers and streams, patrolling by vehicles is not possible. Forest personnel patrol the dense areas with elephants. Apart from this, these pet elephants are useful to rescue injured tigers, guldars and elephants when they are seen. The same elephants are also used to rescue tigers and guldars in the village. Even these elephants control the spoiled wild elephants.

Two tigers shifted from Corbett to Rajaji Park due to elephants

For the first time in Uttarakhand this year, Asha, Albeli, Pawanpuri and Laxma contributed to the successful plan of tiger shifting. Due to the old experience of the four elephants, their help was taken by the rescue team. Elephants helped a lot in finding the tiger. Senior Wildlife Medical Officer Dushyant Sharma tranquilized two tigers by sitting on these elephants standing fearlessly in front of the tiger. However, except Asha, these three elephants have now been retired by the department on completion of 60 years of age. The department had also given a respectful farewell to these three elephants in the presence of the officers, just after the retirement of the employees. Now these elephants have been kept by the department in Kalagarh camp. Dushyant Sharma says that light work is done only when needed from the three retired elephants. Because the more elephants keep moving, the healthier they will be.

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