World Earth Day: Mountains biodiversity at risk due to global warming, tampering proving to be dangerous

World Earth Day: Mountains biodiversity at risk due to global warming, tampering proving to be dangerous
Tampering with the natural structure of the Earth is proving to be very dangerous, despite this there is a rapid increase in human intervention on the Earth. Major changes have been observed in the last decades in the structural structures of the Earth such as climate, biodiversity, water sources, bio-wealth and environment. Which are completely man-made.

Dr. Manindra Mohan Sharma, Scientific Officer of the Biotechnology Council, said that according to the data, the reduction of harmful gases emissions up to 2.2 percent globally was found during lockdown. While the role of greenhouse gases and climate change is about 45 percent in the deteriorating environment, which are directly affecting biodiversity, water sources, glaciers, agricultural productivity, human life and health.

Due to climate change (global warming) in Uttarakhand, while the temperature of the earth has increased rapidly, many species of plants found in the state are on the verge of crisis. Due to which the biodiversity of the Earth is endangered.

This species on the verge of extinction
The patwa (Mizotropis pelta) found in Nawital’s Patwadangar and the Haldu (Haldina cardifolia) tree found around Haldwani are one of the vivid examples today. Those whom the changing climate has brought into the category of crisis.

Once Haldwi forests were found in abundance in Haldwani and the surrounding area, today they are on the verge of extinction. Due to global warming, new plants are not able to grow naturally from seeds. The seeds of turmeric are very minor, which are not able to grow due to unexpected changes in the environment.

Its seeds are destroyed before they take the form of the plant due to being buried with more leaves at the time of germination. Similarly, natural growth of patwa also is not possible due to climate change. If no concrete measures are taken in time, then both these species are likely to fall into the endangered category soon.
Conscientious efforts are needed to save the earth
Today, in the deteriorating conditions of the earth, it is more beneficial to promote traditional knowledge than development. To revive the earth and restore it to its old form, it is necessary to work on all the important aspects, which are the main natural components of the earth.

Restoration of small water bodies, ban on indiscriminate cutting of forests, promotion of plantation, immediate stopping of global warming causes, emphasis on conservation of biodiversity, prohibition of uncontrolled growth, ban on plastics etc. Earth working to some extent in the areas The old form can be re-established gradually, which is also the main theme of Earth Day this year.

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