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The Central Administrative Tribunal has stated that the implementation of panchayats across the country has made it difficult for the benches to stop the spread of Kovid-19 (corona virus) as the advocates and tribunal staff are not in a position to function. Left. The tribunal said that the decision of further course of action would depend on the steps taken by the government for the period after 15 April. It will be used if there is a slight possibility of operating the courts.

The Central Administrative Tribunal issued a statement saying that it has always been the endeavor of the Principal Bench and the Benches located all over the country to deal with as many cases as possible and that the work should be done in such a way that the person arriving to the Tribunal for redressal of complaints is satisfied Can be The rate of disposal of cases by February 2020 has been exceptional.

Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, alternative arrangements were made for meetings so that the necessary distance from each other (social distancing) could be followed. However, due to the steps taken by the government, it became impossible from 22 March. The lockdown made it difficult for the bench to function as the lawyers and the staff of the tribunal were no longer in a position to function.

The tribunal said that the option of continuing the hearing through video conference was not available as the necessary equipment infrastructure was not available and equipment could not be procured even in view of lockdown.

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