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After IT or Telecom its now a hot talk of direct selling industry or we can call it network marketing which will create job opportunties.

If we collect data around the world where USA with population of 32 cr the total business turnover is 2,12,550cr is in the first position while china with the population of 140 cr have a turn over of 1,77,450cr and india having a population of 132cr have only 7,800 cr and is in tenth position.It seems that India is a sleeping GIANT ! estimated to achieve 64,500 cr 2025,it seems there is a huge potential in this sector industry of direct selling in the coming years.

In the coming years most of the things are in your hand just you have to click and go online.

Lets see how the direct selling /network marketing will bring change and produce jobs/business opportunities by creating first generation enterpreneurs in the state of uttarkhand .

lets have a Startup INDIA standup UTTARAKHAND.

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By udaen

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