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Uttarakhand: Question Hour and Zero Hour will also be held in the special session of one day assembly.

The Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly will have both Question Hour and Zero Hour in a special day-long session to be held on January 7. Preparations have begun for the session to be held in the Assembly Secretariat. Secretary Vidhan Sabha Jagdish Chand says that the Secretariat has already starred and starred questions which will be put up during the session. The Speaker will hold a Business Advisory Committee and an all-party meeting before calling for the session.
Special session of the Legislative Assembly has been convened to pass the proposal to extend the reservation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for the next 10 years. The constitution provides only 10 years of reservation. It is being extended for the next 10 years at an interval of every 10 years. The 25-year period expires on 25 January 2020. Before this, resolutions have to be passed from the legislative assemblies of all states to extend the reservation period to the next 10 years.

For this purpose a special session of Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly has been called. But this one-day session will be similar to the commonly held sessions. For example, there will be a Question Hour at the beginning of the session and there will be a zero call. During the session, a proposal to extend the reservation of SC ST by 10 years will be placed in the House.

The Assembly Secretariat has started preparing for the special session. There will be Question Hour and Zero Hour during the session. The Secretariat has questions, which will be brought up in the session.
– Jagdish Chand, Secretary, Legislative Assembly

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