Uttarakhand: Many posts will be recruited through youth welfare and PRD, government order issued

Uttarakhand: Many posts will be recruited through youth welfare and PRD, government order issued
On behalf of the Youth Welfare Department and the Provincial Guard Team, youth will be made available to various departments in various positions including Nursing Assistant, Ward Boy, Personal Assistant, Assistant Sports Instructor in the state. A mandate in this regard has been issued by the government.

The aim of the Youth Welfare Department is to bring forth the young talents of rural areas. While training the youth through PRD, the trainers have been posted in various departments. Till now they have been posted as clerk, watchman, driver and class IV employee, but now nursing assistant, ward boy, personal assistant, assistant accountant etc. are posted in various departments through Youth Welfare and Provincial Guard Team Preparation.

In an order issued by Brijesh Kumar Sant, Secretary in-charge of Youth Welfare Department, it has been said that in future, other works will also be included on the basis of demand. The educational qualification and qualification for all these posts will remain in line with the posts.

There is a possibility of disturbances
Departmental sources say that through this, a large number of youths in various departments are preparing to be kept from the back door. However, the departmental secretary Sant says that the youth will be deployed according to the demand from the departments. Only youth with educational qualification will be appointed on these posts. No release will be issued by the department for posting in these posts.

An earlier 2006 mandate has been amended to put youth through youth welfare and PRD for various posts including Nursing Assistant and Ward Boy. This amendment took place only after the instructions of the Chief Minister and the Departmental Minister.
Brijesh Kumar Sant, Secretary-in-charge of Youth Welfare

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