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Uttarakhand: Forest cover increased by eight square kilometers in two years, planting was the reason
Biennial survey of Indian Forest Survey revealed
The report also expressed concern over the incidents of forest fire

According to the report released on Monday by the Forest Survey of India, the forest cover in the state has increased by 8.04 square kilometers in the last two years. According to the survey report, the state has a forest cover of 24303.04 square kilometers which is 45.44 percent of the total geographical area of ​​the state.
Compared to 2017 report, 8.04 sq km forest cover has increased in the state. This expansion is more due to plantation. Assessment of biodiversity in the state has also been done in the report. It has been found that 112 trees, shrubs 73 and 94 species of herb have been found.
Forest fire is causing a lot of damage
The report has raised concerns over incidents of forest fire. In the state, forest fire is causing significant damage in 1.06 percent forest area. The report also revealed that there is 57 thousand hectares of barren land in the state. It has also been revealed that between 2015 and 2019, 2850.87 hectares of forest land was transferred for non-forestry works in the state.

Report praises forest panchayats
The report also praised Van Panchayats in the state. It is reported that there are 12167 forest panchayats in the state which are managing 7.32688 lakh hectares of forests.

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