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Blog single photoThe CM helpline 1905 is proving to be a silver lining for people caught in trouble amidst the ongoing lock down to protect against corona virus (Kovid-19) infection in Uttarakhand. During the last one fortnight the problems of the people were not solved at the local level, then they called the CM Help Line and the problem was solved. In these complaints, some people needed help from rationing to water, electricity, LPG cylinders, ambulance and dialysis, which were executed in time by the officials, then people also thank their Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat in this era of crisis. Don’t forget

Problems and information calls related to corona relief are being heard during the lock down on CM Help Line-1905. Chief Minister’s IT advisor Ravindra Dutt says that the maximum problems faced here are being resolved within 24 hours. Problems of some serious nature are solved within an hour or two. For this, the concerned officer is also being told to resolve the problem by making an outband call. He informed that the citizens are also registering positive feedback on the CM Help Line through video and audio, if their problem is resolved in a very short time.

Meena, who lives in Haripur Nawada, had not been receiving water for five days. When the problem was not resolved at the local level, he called the CM help line. Within 24 hours, the authorities executed their problem. Similarly Ashish, a Dwarkikhal resident whose father died. During the lock down, there were problems in getting a pass from Joshimath to Dwarkhal for the last rites. As soon as a complaint was received on the CM helpline, the district administration was approached and helped to make the pass and he reached on time for the last rites.

Ashish Joshi, a resident of Dehradun, told that his father was having trouble getting treatment under the Atal Ayushman Yojana without a government referral for dialysis. He has now been resolved through the CM Help Line and is able to get his father treated by dialysis under Atal Ayushman Yojana without a referral. Ms. Ayesha Khan had lodged her the problem of non-receipt of ration by the ration dealer. Within two hours, he was contacted by the Food and Civil Supplies Department.

The councilor of Mohkampur had lodged a complaint that a laborer has been suffering from fever for 4 days but no one is taking him to the hospital. The CM Helpline contacted the Police and Health Department and was admitted to the hospital by ambulance within 2 hours. Kapil Rajput, a resident of Harikunj Vijaypark, had filed a complaint about not having sanitization in the area. The CM Helpline contacted the Municipal Corporation Dehradun and got it sanitized within 24 hours.

Village Uroli, resident of Dhan Singh Negi, complained that due to lack of supply of gas cylinders for several days, there was a problem. The CM helpline contacted the department and made gas supply in that area in 24 hours. Pauri Garhwal, a resident of Ramesh Bhatkot, lodged a complaint of no electricity in the village for 4 days. Power supply was restored within 24 hours after contacting the officials by CM Helpline.

Shiva, a daily wage laborer, lodged a complaint on the CM helpline that he had nothing to eat. The CM helpline contacted the police department and within 2 hours food items and LPG gas were also made available at the person’s home. Pata village, a resident of Sunil Semlati, reported that her pregnant sister is in pain and needs help to go to Chamba Hospital for an investigation. The pregnant woman was taken to the hospital within 2 hours by contacting the Tehri district administration by CM Helpline.

These are a select few incidents which hit the CM Helpline a fortnight during the lock down and were executed with equal promptness. It is said that on the lines of “Jo Tan Lage-So Tan Jaane”, the people associated with these incidents are relieved after resolving their problems, they have not been able to give prayers to Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. Many people are not able to stop their happiness and are also giving their feedback on CM Help Line.

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