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USAID has endeavored to drive women empowerment, especially in the agriculture sector. Therefore, the agency has joined hands with several countries to help women farmers in reaching greater heights in agricultural practices.

Skymet Weather in partnership with United State Agency for International Development (USAID) has transformed the lives of many women, wherein farmers, particularly women farmers have learnt how to use the vital weather forecast information generated by Skymet Weather for producing their agriculture farmland and products on one hand and to adopt short-term and long-term plan for enhancing agriculture productivity on the other.

In this context, USAID has collaborated with India based Skymet Weather Services Pvt. Ltd. for expanding the network of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) in 11 states including 33 districts of India.

This new collaboration has brought instrumental changes in the agricultural pattern in the project areas and has significantly mitigated the risk of crop losses to a great extent. Women farmers are being specifically motivated and inspired to move forward and walk shoulder to shoulder along with their male counterparts with the help of Skymet Weather’s forecast data set and agro advisories. This has accelerated the growth in agricultural productivity and significantly contributed to the ongoing agro-revolution in the project areas.

The new initiative has also improved the income of rural communities to a great extent. Women farmers are now moving a step forward and inspiring fellow women farmers to come out of the prevalent obsolete knowledge and techniques and utilize the benefits of the digital revolution.

The new partnership between USAID and Skymet has ushered in a new era for farmers wherein they are effectively utilizing the data of weather forecasting, climate data and other technological inputs in making their life easier.
source : skymetweather.com

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