Two cluster sanction out of 31 in the begining of 2019

Its a good news for uttarakhand 2 cluster will be promoted under shyama prashad mukherjee Rubarn mission in the state of uttarakhand ,100 clusters pla n are there in the layout while 31 are sanctioned in the first stage.ministry of r ural devlopment will lead the project with the fund of 1,417.25 carore indian sanctioned.
Under this scheme village area will be devloped in them field of drinking water,energy devlopment,human resource,health facility,LPG connections will be provided.The 70% expenses will be through central and state goverment while the balance 30% expenses will be overcome through credit gap fund (CGP).
This whole project of 100 aggregated clustersclusters will covered within 3years,out 79 DPR has been sanctioned.The whole cluster will be between 25000 to 50000 population surrounded villages cluster,administered facility will be under block office or Tehsil.
Now let’s see what the government of uttarakhand have road plan for this two sanctioned clusters.

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