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The corona virus has caused havoc all over the world. This disease not only threatens the lives of people, but the virus has shaken the world economy. In fact, to prevent the spread of the corona virus, most countries around the world have locked themselves. In such a situation, more business has come to a standstill, except for the necessary work. Its effect is also being seen on the billionaires of the world. In such a situation, Donald Trump’s property has suffered extensive damage due to Corona virus.
US President Donald Trump is also a businessman and his property has suffered a lot due to the corona virus. According to a Forbes report, Donald Trump’s property has lost a billion dollars due to the lockdown only in March 2020. A Forbes report reported that Donald Trump’s total assets on March 1 were $ 3.1 billion. At the same time, on March 18, it came down to $ 2.1 billion.

Actually, many stock markets crashed around the world during this period, as a result of which 267 nobles of the world lost the status of billionaire. Explain that at present there are 2095 billionaires in the world. Of these, the wealth of about 1062 billionaires has fallen drastically over the last year.

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