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Uttarakhand. Let me tell you a big news that if you live in Dehradun and if there is a creature named dog living in your house too, then this news is very important for you.

Let us tell you that it is mandatory for you to get a license to keep a dog in Dehradun. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to Rs 500 as well as a lawsuit against you. Under which the team of the Municipal Corporation is taking action by inspecting the entire city in the morning and evening these days. Action is being taken against those who have not got the license of pet dogs. So far, the team of the Municipal Corporation has taken action against 40 people and has collected a fine of more than 10 thousand.

Let us inform that this campaign of the Municipal Corporation has started from May 24. The owners of pet dogs were given time till May 15 to get the licences. Till now 800 licenses have been made in the Municipal Corporation. There are more than 35 thousand pet dogs in the city. The Municipal Corporation has appealed to everyone to get a dog license. The Municipal Corporation had started this campaign last year as well, which was quite successful.

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