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If nursery act formed then the plants purchased from goverment  and private nurserys having and providing low qualities value provided to thé farmers will be punished.

Presently there are 93 goverment and more than 150 private nurseries in existaince in the state of uttarakhand.If the nursery act comes in existence then every farmers will be provided healthy plants thus increasing the production as well as the income of the farmers,on the study it was found out that every year a budget for new plants was allocated as well direct purchacing of farmers where not bringing any fruitfull results and the percent of survival was very low the goverment concluded that if we bring a nursery act where the strictness to provide healthy plants will be necessary than only we can get and the farmers will get the results within 3 to 4 years of plantation,pant university will provide it specialized consultancy to thé goverment before implenting this Bill.


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