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सीएम पुष्कर सिंह धामी

सीएम पुष्कर सिंह धामी – फोटो : एएनआई

In Uttarakhand, six services of the Transport Department have become online, including the compounding fee of challan. Along with this, three mobile apps of the Transport Corporation have also been launched. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami inaugurated them on Friday.

Uttarakhand: Now dozens of government services will be available on mobile sitting at home, CM Dhami launched many apps and portals
These services of the Transport Department went online
Online tax payment: Taxes of stage carriage vehicles were earlier deposited in the office, but now through the transport website, you will be able to deposit the tax online from anywhere.
Challan compounding fee: Till now the challan fee used to be deposited in the offices, but now you will be able to deposit it online directly through the e-challan website of the Transport Department.
Temporary Permit Online: Till now one had to go to RTO office to get temporary permit of Transport Department, but now online application and fee payment will be done. Online scrutiny, approval and permit download.
Online Contract Carriage Permit: On behalf of the Divisional Transport Authority, you will now be able to apply for the Contract Carriage Permit online and also deposit the fee online. These permits will also be available online.
Registration of vehicles: Till now the registration of private vehicles was done at the dealer point after data entry, uploading of documents, online fees and tax were deposited. After this the dealer had to go to the RTO office with all the papers. Letters were to be kept in RTO offices. But now the whole process will be online. There will be freedom from the pile of papers in the offices.
Trade Certificate: You will no longer have to go to the offices to get a business certificate. This entire process will be online. The certificate will be issued online only.

Two apps and FMS, CCTV will also be installed in the Transport Corporation
Transport Corporation has launched Humsafar app for drivers. This app will be installed in the mobile phone in front of the driver. This app will keep an eye on every move of the driver. Will alert the driver when he is sleepy. In this, rewards will be given on safe bus operation. Apart from this, the Attendance App has been launched. On coming to the Geo Fencing area, the employees of the Transport Corporation will be able to mark their attendance from their mobile. At the same time, the corporation has launched Fleet Management System.

Under this, CCTVs will be installed in buses. Vehicle location tracking device will be installed to see the location of each bus. Fuel sensors will be installed in all buses. The real time location of the bus will be available. Those traveling without tickets can be caught with the help of CCTV. All the buses can be fully monitored from the central control room. CM Pushkar Singh Dhami launched these facilities on Friday.

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