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Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager, Northern Railway said that railway lines are being upgraded to increase the speed and save time of Siddhbali Janshatabdi Express. The public will start getting its benefits from the timetable to be released in October.

Jan Shatabdi Express will reach Delhi 20 minutes earlier, while it will be further improved by next year. Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager of Northern Railway, who reached Kotdwar in the early hours of Tuesday by special inspection train, inspected the railway station along with the officials.

During this, he gave necessary directions to the officers. Said that the work on speed limit and signaling is going on. Under this, work is going on in the railway section between Najibabad, Mohjampur and Gajraula. This will save up to 20 minutes in the time of Jan Shatabdi.

Time savings will be available to the people from the time table to be released in October this year, while the second time savings will be available in October next year. He said that the people’s representatives of the area have demanded direct rail service for Delhi. It will be reviewed.

Earlier, General Manager Ashutosh Gangal reached the famous Siddhbali Dham of Kotdwar and had darshan of Siddhababa. Siddhabali Temple Committee President Dr. JP Dhyani presented him the statue of Siddhababa. Many officers including DRM Ajay Nandan of Moradabad division were present on this occasion.
Various organizations submitted memorandum to GM
On Tuesday, Citizen’s Forum President CP Naithani, General Secretary Atul Bhatt, District Industry Business Representative Board President Vivek Agarwal, General Secretary Lajpat Rai Bhatia, Provincial Organization Minister Ajay Gupta and Hotelier Anjum Badola submitted memorandums to the GM. The memorandum said that the operation of the Mussoorie Express operating between Kotdwar to Delhi was stopped in the year 2020 during the Corona transition period. This train was very convenient for Garhwal division. On this occasion, there was a demand to restart the operation of Mussoorie Express, to operate new trains from Kotdwar railway station to important cities of the country.

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