Horticulture expert of Himachal Dr. S.P.Bhardwaj said that Khazakistan is the real root producer of Red luv apple whereas swizerland have worked on it from last two decades while presently china , australia,Italy and Newzealand are already working on it, this red luv apple have a quality of resisting the cancer and heart blockage elemtns.
The quality of apple is that it is red from outside as well as from inside with leaves and stems also red.It gets ready from the month of june and salable rate decided by the horticulture for the stick is 100Rs to be supplied to the other departments with incrising there revenue for new plantation.
Presently the commmercial utilization of the planatation and demands of red luv apple in himachal is increasing while other variety,s of red apples are Redjune,Redtour delecious, red luv ero ,red cerena,mountain rose ,hidden rose,joint russian,corn berry,marsh pink,kliffoard,appricot apple.

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