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President, PM address inaugural session of Governors’ Conference on NEP 2020

  • President, PM address inaugural session of Governors' Conference on NEP 2020

    President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the inaugural session of the Governors’ Conference on National Education Policy 2020.

    The theme of the conference being the role of nep in transforming higher education.

    The Conference was also attended by Education Ministers of all States, Vice-Chancellors of State Universities and other senior officials.

    The recently rolled out national education policy has been the talk amongst educationists, academicians, think tanks, students, parents and stakeholders.

    There have already been several webinars, virtual conferences and conclaves on small to big platforms discussing the efficacy, and implementation as well as to spread awareness amongst stakeholders.

    President Ram Nath Kovind virtually addressed the governor’s conference organized by the Ministry of Education.

    In his address President Kovind said that the national education policy has been an extensive exercise and a long process of gathering numerous suggestions and is in lines with the current aspirations and future needs of the nation.

    President Kovind mentioned that the National Research Foundation (NRF) would be established to inspire quality educational research ….and National Educational Technology Forum – N.E.T.F. will be established which shall operate as a platform for the use of technology to enhance learning

    Addressing the governor’s conference PM Modi expressed happiness on the massive acceptance that the NEP 2020 received from all strata of people. He said that this is not the policy of the govt but the policy of the nation.

    PM Modi said that efforts are being made to break through silos in every aspect of Higher Education, be it Academic, Technical, Vocational.

    Concluding his address PM Modi, clearly stated that it is a collective responsibility of all to implement the national education policy in letter and spirit.

    Undoubtedly, the conference aims at bringing all stakeholders on the same page, overcoming implementational challenges, enabling more concept based, experimental flexible and innovative learning, keeping pace with changing times, skill and job demands…strengthening knowledge economy and making India, a global superpower.

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