President Kovind calls for strengthening human rights at ground level

President Kovind calls for strengthening human rights at ground level


President Ram Nath Kovind today said effective strengthening of human rights at ground level is the collective task of whole society.

Speaking at a function in New Delhi on the occasion of Human Rights Day, Mr Kovind said incidents of crime against women have been reported from many parts of the country recently. He said such incidents force people to think whether society has lived up to its vision of equal rights. The President said the ideal way to commemorate the day is for the whole world to introspect what more is to be done to uphold the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948. Mr Kovind said people should not ignore their duties as well. He added that Mahatma Gandhi saw rights and duties as two sides from the same coin. He said India’s national discourse has rightly focused on human rights and it can make space for duties as well.

The President hailed National Human Rights Commission, NHRC’s role in spreading awareness about human rights. He said NHRC is ever vigilant and the fact that almost all recommendations made by NHRC are accepted by government is indicative of its credibility. He said since inception, NHRC has provided relief to thousands and set wrongdoings right.

The theme for Human Rights Day this year is Youth Standing Up for Human Rights. In his message, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that this year’s theme is in celebration of the role which young people play in bringing human rights to life. He said that globally, young people are marching, organising. and speaking out for the right to a healthy environment and equal rights of women and girls.  He called on everyone to support and protect young people who are standing up for human rights.

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