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Soon pilgrims and tourists will be able to enjoy boating from Pashalok Barrage to Garudchatti. The Additional Chief Secretary has directed the officers of the Irrigation Department to explore the possibility of running motor boats in the Ganga river and prepare an action plan for it. Soon the Irrigation Department and NIH Roorkee will start the survey for this.

During the meeting in the auditorium of the Municipal Corporation, Additional Chief Secretary Anand Vardhan said that the pilgrims and tourists would be benefitted if motor boats would be operated in the Ganga river from Pasulok Barrage to Garudchatti throughout the year. On this, Kamal Singh, Executive Engineer, Irrigation Department, Narendranagar said that due to the melting of glaciers in the month of June, the water level of river Ganga rises. In the rainy season, wooden sticks, tree trunks and debris flow into the river Ganges. Therefore motor boaters cannot operate in the Ganges river from June to September. He said that from the month of October, the water level of the Ganges becomes very low. Therefore motorboats can be operated in the Ganges from October to June. Another official of the Irrigation Department said that experts from the National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee could be taken to operate the motor boat in the Ganga. Only after that the operation of the motor boat can be started.

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