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Uttarakhand Raksha Morcha was registered as a political party in Uttarakhand under the Representation of the People Act. The party has its own constitution and has contested two assembly elections in the year 2012 and 2017.

  1. Uttarakhand Defense Morcha has constituted its new working committee at the state and district level. On 10 October, the new president and other office-bearers were elected according to the party’s constitution.
  2. The party had given a road map for the development of Uttarakhand in its manifesto for the 2017 assembly elections. The items in our manifesto are still very relevant and have to be fully implemented.However, the rapidly changing scenario in the state was discussed by the party and it was unanimously decided that before we start a movement for the development of the state and other issues such as rampant corruption, unemployment among youth; Serious social conflict and resentment among the people of the state andDue to the mismanagement of governance, the existence of the people of Uttarakhand and their culture as well as the parameters of creating a separate state from Uttar Pradesh is in grave danger. If corrective steps are not taken simultaneously by all political and socio-cultural organizations, then in future we will cease to exist as hill people. We are making this statement not just for politics but to save our heritage and lifestyle. So we call upon all right minded people and mothers and sisters of Uttarakhand to come out and preserve our heritage. We will work like an NGO and give a new direction to the politics of the state.
    So for a few years. It has been decided to work on the following points:
    i) Large-scale settlement of outsiders has been done in a systematic manner with a big plan to change the demographic pattern of the hills. Tombs and mosques are being built in the hills for no reason and gradually attempts are being made to create communal tension. Many cases of love jihad have come to notice and it is feared that this is being done deliberately by settling people in small markets. Along with this, conversion is also taking place in the mountains by luring the poor. A peaceful movement will be launched with the active participation of mothers and sisters of Uttarakhand and all people and organizations will be invited.
    ii) The second most important issue is the enactment of transfer of property and transfer of land to ensure the cultural identity of Uttarakhand by preventing the purchase of land and property by outsiders. For this only persons domiciled in hills in 1950 should be allowed to buy land and private property in hills. In other regions the cut off date should be the year 2001.
    iii) The delimitation of assembly seats should have additional criteria of geographical area apart from population so that the number of seats in hill districts is not reduced. For this, Uttarakhand Defense Front will demand amendment in the relevant Act. This should have been done at the time of the reorganization of the UP State Bill and the creation of Uttarakhand. Till such time the delimitation process should be put on hold till the Act is amended.
    iv) One of the objectives of the party would be to promote the emergence of new young leaders of character and high moral value who can serve the people with integrity and dedication. The rampant corruption is due to poor moral values ​​among the political class which focuses more on capturing power not to serve the people but for selfish gains. The focus of the party will shift from seizing power to state politics to the social and cultural consolidation of our rich heritage and political activities will be the product of our movement.
    v) At the national level, we will support all good pro-people and nationalist policies of the central government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and support action against those elements that destabilize the progress and defense of the nation in league with foreign powers. are.
    vi) In order to involve the overall civil society (social workers, artists, doctors, technocrats and intellectuals who have excelled in various walks of life) in governance and nation building, the party constitutes a 30-member Legislative Council in the state for this purpose. proposes to do. . Out of 30 seats, elections will be held on 20 seats and nominations will be held on 10 seats. Member shall not be nominated for more than two terms

vii) The issue of reservation in promotion has been the biggest cause of dissatisfaction among the state government employees. The framers of the constitution have never had any intention of giving reservation in promotion. This is just a regressive move to promote vote bank politics and a serious blow to merit which is reflected in the performance of the government. The party strongly opposes any reservation in promotion for government employees.
viii) There is a tendency to deprive and fool the unemployed youth of the state by not doing recruitment in various government departments and by engaging contractors to provide manpower in various departments. Most of the contractors are from outside the state and as a result a large number of people employed by them are outsiders. Moreover, the entire system of manpower is not only bad as many people engaged in it are not qualified, but this system is also promoting middlemen who take a major part of the salary from the employees. Due to this unilateral policy, youth are migrating to other states and this is the reason for creating resentment among unemployed youth. Corruption is also flourishing due to this. Uttarakhand Raksha Morcha will put an end to this highly unjust policy and will go for full recruitment of manpower.

iX) Uttarakhand is a Himalayan state with a delicate ecology. The party will work relentlessly for the protection of the environment which is closely linked to the culture of the hill people. Development is essential for the progress of Uttarakhand, but it must be balanced with its geography and environmental security of its people.
x) Politics has become a profession of earning money and power by any means all over the country. Uttarakhand Raksha Morcha will launch a movement among youth to develop new leadership for the future whose motto will be to serve the people and work tirelessly for corruption free political environment. We call upon the mothers and sisters of Uttarakhand to help us lay the foundation of a new Uttarakhand.
Dehradun Date 14 October 2021

Dehradun Date 14 October 2021
(VK Bahuguna) President.

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