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PM Modi discusses strategy against COVID-19 pandemic with CMs; Several states request extending lockdown for 2 more weeks

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Chief Ministers via video conferencing about the strategy to tackle COVID-19. Several States requested the Prime Minister to extend the lockdown for two more weeks.

Prime Minister said that there seems to be a consensus amongst the states on extension of lockdown by another two weeks. He said, our fight against Coronavirus will be strengthened as long as every citizen of the country fulfils responsibilities and follows lockdown instructions.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the lockdown and adherence to Social Distancing in saving people’s lives. He underlined that the motto of the government earlier was ‘jaan hai to jahaan hai’ but now is ‘jaan bhi jahaan bhi’.

He observed that the combined effort of the Centre and the States has reduced the impact of COVID-19, but, since the situation is rapidly evolving, constant vigilance is of paramount importance.

He emphasized the criticality of coming 3 to 4 weeks in determining the impact of the virus. Prime Minister categorically assured that India has adequate supplies of essential medicines.

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