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In the coming days in the state, records of lands will be available on a single click. Under the Digital India Land Record Modernization Program (DILRMP), the work of digitizing the land records of lands in two districts of Almora and Pauri in the state has been completed. Now tenders have been invited for this work in 11 more districts.

After conducting the survey in a few days, the work of making digital maps will be started. Each land will be given a unique number. Through these numbers, you will be able to see the status of your land by sitting anywhere in the world. The actual data base of his land will be available with the person concerned.

Apart from this, the scope of land property disputes will be reduced and there will be transparency in the land records maintenance system. For this scheme run by the Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, 100 percent funding is being done by the Central Government. A target has been set to complete this scheme in the state in the next two years.

The work of modern record room in 65 tehsils is in the final stage
All the Tehsil offices of the state are being modernized by making them online. So far, the work of setting up modern record rooms in 65 tehsils is in the final stage against 108 tehsils. As soon as this work is completed, the caste wise and category wise record of the number, name, address and land of small and marginal farmers etc. will be available.
The work related to computerization of all the sub registrar offices in the state has been completed. Now under DILRMP, the work of digitization of land documents will be started in 11 districts. Tenders have been invited for this. Survey work will be started by next month. This has to be completed before the next two years. Chandresh Yadav, Secretary Revenue

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