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Actually, all the hydro power projects of UJVNL are being operated. The banks of their canal are empty. The Central Government had given green signal to start Canal Bank and Canal Top schemes for the state. Under this, UJVNL had started a 16 MW pilot project along the rivers of Canal Bank i.e. Hydro Project and one MW over Canal Top i.e. canals.

This one MW project is being operated by hanging solar panels in the air over the canal in Dhalipur. After their success, now UJVNL is going to set up 100 MW Canal Bank and Canal Top Project. UJVNL Public Relations Officer Vimal Dabral said that recently the state government has given permission to UJVNL to set up hydro as well as solar power projects. Under this, the corporation is going to set up more solar projects soon.

324 MW solar projects in the state

Solar energy projects are also being set up through UREDA. Till April, 324 MW solar power projects have been established in the state through UREDA. At present, solar power plants are also being set up under the Chief Minister’s Solar Self Employment Scheme.

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