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Supreme court order to stop arresting under act 66a of IT act .

After hearing the appeal of an organization -People union for civil libertized an order was passed by supreme court to center goverment and others to immediate release of persons arrested under section 66a act of IT act,it will be a provision for actions towards the officers who have to find guilty.

IT act 66a amended and added in 2008 with IT act Which came un existence in 2000,in this act any objectionable post either sex or comments will be consider crime and culprit will be arrested and have a provision of 3 years inprisonment or a penalty of 5 years or both.

But a decision was given by court in 2015 that this act is a restriction over constitutional rights of roght to speech and expression,so presenyly the dual bench of justice rohington F Nariman and justice vineet says that arresting under IT act 66a is to be found as data given by appealate then there will be action and arresting of thé officiers involved in it,a letter was forwarded to centre goverment and others regarding to this.

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