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Blog single photoFormer Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once again said that maximum testing is the most effective weapon to tackle the Kovid-19 virus. He said that people all over the country are upset due to this war and our governments are also trying for a solution. He said that we should not forget that the only way we can have more investigation against this epidemic.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Tuesday and said that while countries around the world are engaged in more and more tests, India is far behind in the test process. The purchase of the first test kits in India was delayed and is now severely lacking. The situation at present is that there is a shortage of test kits even in hospitals.

The Congress leader said that the pathetic state of corona testing in India can be understood from the fact that only 149 tests are being conducted per million people in the country. Rahul said that in comparison to countries like Britain and America in the matter of investigation, India today stands in the category of Laos (157), Niger (182) and Honduras (162), behind them. He said that mass testing is the key to fighting the virus.

At the same time, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has also stressed on getting more and more testing done. Priyanka tweeted that in the past, she had written a letter to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and requested to increase the testing. The corona test report of 5 of the deaths in UP came after death. The system of investigation is still very poor. Only when the system of investigation is speeded up and organized will the correct picture of virus infection be known.

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