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Press Communique

Vide notifications dated 12.10.2021, in exercise of the power conferred by clause (1) of Article 224 of the Constitution of India, the President, after consultation with the Chief Justice of India, is pleased to appoint the following Advocates and Judicial Officers as Judges of the following High Courts for a period of two years from the date they assume charge of their respective offices:

Sl. No.Name (S/Shri)Name of the High Court in which appointed
1.Chandra Kumar Rai, AdvocateAllahabad
2.Krishan Pahal, AdvocateAllahabad
3.Sameer Jain, AdvocateAllahabad
4.Ashutosh Srivastava, AdvocateAllahabad
5.Subhash Vidyarthi, AdvocateAllahabad
6.Brij Raj Singh, AdvocateAllahabad
7.Shree Prakash Singh, AdvocateAllahabad
8.Vikas Budhwar, AdvocateAllahabad
9.Smt. Sundaram Srimathy, AdvocateMadras
10.D. Bharatha Chakravarthy, AdvocateMadras
11.R. Vijayakumar, AdvocateMadras
12.Mohammed Shaffiq, AdvocateMadras
13.Kakheto Sema, AdvocateGauhati
14.Devashis Baruah, AdvocateGauhati
15.Smt. Malasri Nandi, Judicial OfficerGauhati
16.Smt. Marli Vankung, Judicial OfficerGauhati
17.Shri Arun Dev Choudhury, Advocate, from the date 05.11.2021.

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