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The polo season was abruptly stopped at the Amateur Riders Club (ARC) at Mahalaxmi Race Course in Maharashtra due to a nationwide lockdown. All its matches were ended immediately. However, international players and umpires from Argentina and Britain were sent back to their countries prematurely. But 200 horses and 125 horsemen from Jaipur are stranded at the race course in Maharashtra due to the lockdown. Actually, they are trapped here due to the lockdown in view of the threat of Corona virus.
However, during this time the ARC has made arrangements to take care of the horses and horsemen for 22 days, but the possibility of increased lockdown is now causing concern for them. The club has constructed temporary stables for horses and all the necessary facilities are being provided to the horsemen. Keeping in mind the health and hygiene of the horses, the facility of call on service and a compounder has been ensured on behalf of the ARC. However, no member can ride horses during this time. Apart from this, no member has been allowed to attend the club.

On this matter ARC President Shyam Mehta said, “Every resource we have is dedicated to the care of horses and horsemen. Given the current situation, we are maintaining the necessary safety standards. Along with this, ensuring proper health and hygiene within and around temporary and permanent stables. ”Mehta added,“ Initially, it was challenging to secure fodder and hay for the horses, but the managing committee arranged it in time. Of. ”

The ARC (Amateur Riders Club), established in 1942, is India’s oldest civilian equestrian club. ARC owns the Polo Grounds and a Flood Light Riding Arena. It hosts tournaments like Maharaj Prem Singh Trophy and Aditya Birla Memorial Cup. It also hosts the annual Mumbai Horse Show, which holds events such as horse polo, show-jumping and dressage.

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