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गढ़वाल विश्वविद्यालय

During the lockdown, HNB Central Garhwal University took U turn within 24 hours on the decision to conduct an internal examination sitting at home. On Friday, a decree was issued to conduct the online internal examination, which was stopped until advance orders on Saturday morning. According to the university, some technical bottlenecks were coming to light. Because of this the decision had to be postponed.

Due to the lockdown, students of Garhwal University are in their homes. Presently, the teacher is teaching them online as per the instructions of MHRD. In such a situation, the university also decided to get her internal examination done.

The Registrar, Dr. AK Jha, issued an order on April 10 on the orders of the Vice Chancellor that all departments should conduct online examination of the students and send the marks to the Chief Examination Controller by email by 30 April.

The question arose on behalf of the university to issue orders without testing any homework and practical aspects. Students sitting at home can also answer by copying. This was the reason that the university stayed the order on Saturday. Registrar Dr. Jha told that the students are at home and there are network problems. In view of this, the order issued till March 10 has been stayed till the advance order.

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