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On the orders of the Nainital High Court, in Kotdwar, the Municipal Corporation and the administration removed the encroachment from the JCB on the pavement on the highway and the buildings located on the Nazul land of the Municipal Corporation. In the campaign that lasted for about 6 hours on Badrinath Marg and Najibabad Road, 3 JCBs of the Municipal Corporation demolished 49 encroachments, while three encroachers have been given two days’ time. During this, the power supply from Lalbatti Chowk to Badrinath Road tehsil was switched off. The communication service was also affected.

On Thursday, at eight o’clock in the morning, the police force called from different police stations of the district gathered at Malviya Udyan. After this the police, municipal corporation and administration team led by SDM Pramod Kumar, Municipal Commissioner KS Negi and CO GR Kohli started breaking the marked encroachment with 3 JCBs. First of all, JCB started on the encroachment of Badrinath road. From Tehsil intersection to Jhanda Chowk, 3 JCBs simultaneously started breaking the encroachment. A crowd gathered on the spot as soon as the JCB roared on the encroachment. In view of the security, the police kept people away. After this, all the encroachments from Lalbatti Chowk to Najibabad Road MT Camp Tirahe were demolished. The SDM, demolishing the upper part of the encroachment, instructed the building owners to break the lower pillars themselves. The anti-encroachment drive started at eight in the morning and went on till two in the afternoon.

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