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India cannot achieve 9-10 per cent GDP growth without revolution in the farm sector, Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said Monday. Addressing Mahindra Samriddhi Agri awards, he said there is a need to boost investment in the agriculture sector as well as to introduce new technology and market reforms.
Kant also stressed on scrapping Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee and some old laws like Essential Commodites Act, which restrict movement of farm produces.

However, he said agriculture is a state subject and the central government has limited role in it
In India 50% of our population is dependent on agriculture. If India’s GDP has to grow at 9-10% for the next 30 years, then it cannot be without bringing revolution in the agri sector, Kant said. He also emphasised on eliminating middlemen in marketing of farm produces to boost farmers’ income.
Kant expressed confidence that farmer income will be doubled by 2022. He said there is a need to spread good agriculture practice and success stories of farmers across the country. The second revolution in agriculture will come from technology and marketing, Kant said.

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