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377 Gentlemen Cadets Passed Out, 89 Cadets From Allied Eight Countries

Most cadets of Uttar Pradesh 50, Uttarakhand 33 cadets

Dehradun, June 11 (H.S.). On Saturday, 288 young bravehearts became part of the Indian Army as they entered the Indian Military Academy (IMA) on Saturday. A total of 377 Gentlemen Cadets passed out. These include 89 cadets from eight friendly countries. GOC General Amardeep Singh Salami, South Western Command, took the salute of the parade as Reviewing Officer. Security was tight inside and outside the academy in view of the passing out parade.

On Saturday morning, at 6.45 am, the process of the parade started with the Markers Call at the Drill Square in front of the historic Chetwood building of the IMA Academy, Dehradun, under the supervision of the Commander Anil Joshi. Company Sergeants Major Vivek Kumar, Pranav, Aryan Singh, Himanshu Kumar, Jayendra Singh and Aniket took their places at Drill Square. Inspecting Officer Lt Gen Amardeep Singh Bhinder, Commander (General Officer Commanding-in-Chief), South Western Command, arrived at the parade site and inspected the parade and took the salute.

On the tune of Bharat Vijay, the gentleman cadets were being made on seeing the firm steps and spirit. On this occasion, flowers were showered from the sky on the cadets from the Chetak helicopters of the Army. After this the young officers left the Indian Military Academy after crossing the last step at a slow pace. At a proud moment, three helicopters of the army flagged the tricolor from the sky. On this occasion, people from all over the country and abroad had reached the academy.

89 young military officers from eight friendly countries Afghanistan, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan and Tanzania have passed out. They will go to their own country and become part of the army. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan last year, there has been confusion about the cadets here. The Afghan National Army ceased to exist after the Taliban took power. There are a total of 43 cadets from Afghanistan.

State wise number of cadets:- Uttar Pradesh 50,Uttarakhand 33,Bihar28,Haryana 25,Maharashtra 22,Punjab 21,Rajasthan 20,Delhi 15,Himachal Pradesh 13,Kerala 09,Madhya Pradesh 08,Telangana 06,Jammu-Kashmir 06,Nepal (Domicile ) 06,West Bengal 05,Tamil Nadu 05,Karnataka 04,Odisha 02,Andhra Pradesh 02,Tripura 02,Arunachal Pradesh 01,Assam 01,Chhattisgarh 01,Jharkhand 01,Manipur 01,Sikkim 01. In terms of population density, Uttarakhand is one of the most promising states in the country. From the 288 Indian cadets who passed out, the level of cooperation of the state in this is about 11 percent with 33 cadets.

IMA was established in 1932: Indian Military Academy (IMA) is located in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. The British established this academy on October 1, 1932. At that time only 40 cadets had passed out from here. Not only India, but also the army chiefs of Myanmar and Pakistan have passed out from this military academy. The passing out parade is held twice a year in the Military Academy i.e. in June and December. After this, on Saturday, the honor of giving 64,145 young military officers to the army of the country and abroad was added in the name of Military Academy. These include 2,813 military officers received by friendly countries.

There was tight security around the academy in view of the passing out parade. Armed army personnel should be stationed all over the campus, while the Doon Police is responsible for security on the outskirts of the campus. During the parade, there is a zero zone from Panditwadi to Premnagar from 5 am to 11 am on Saturday. During this, the traffic passing through National Highway-72 (Chakrata Road) is diverted from Premnagar and Ballupur.

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