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US President Donald Trump on Friday alleged that if China benefits from being a developing country, then make America also a developing country. Trump said in his regular press conference at the White House on the corona virus, ‘China has unbelievably taken advantage of us and other countries. You know that they are considered a developing nation. I say that it is okay, then make us a developing country too.
In response to a question on China, the President said that they get huge benefits because they are developing countries. India is a developing country. America is a big developed country. However we also have to do many development work. Trump, reiterating that the World Trade Organization (WTO) took advantage of the US, said China’s economy began to grow when it joined the WTO with US help. He said, but if they do not treat us fairly, then we will leave it.

Trump alleged that China has been taking advantage of the US for 30 years. He said that China has taken advantage through the WTO and by using rules that have been unjust to the US. The US President said that when it is going to open the country, this is going to be the biggest decision for him so far.

The Kovid-19 global epidemic has brought the US economy to a standstill. In the wake of the national emergency, more than 95 percent of the population has been confined in homes and more than 16 million people have lost their jobs. Till Friday, more than 18,000 people died in the US due to this deadly infectious disease, while five lakh people have been found infected.
My biggest decision so far: Trump
Trump told reporters that the decision to reopen the country would be taken at an appropriate time after discussions with his close advisors, including members of the White House task force, on the Corona virus. He did not specify a specific date for this. He said, “I am going to take a decision and I expect it to be the right decision but I will say without question that it will be my biggest decision ever.”

In response to a question, Trump said he had the powers to decide on reopening the country. He said that he wanted to reopen the country as soon as possible. At the same time, Trump said that he would soon set up a new Council of Doctors and Traders on the reopening of the US. He told that the new task force will tackle more issues than economy.

Trump, reiterating the World Health Organization’s allegation of being China-centric, said that he would announce next week on the $ 500 million fund given to him by the United States. Have been. As you know, we give them about 500 million dollars a year and we are going to discuss it next week. We will have a lot to say about it. ‘

Significantly, earlier this week, the President threatened to stop funding the WHO. In response to questions, Trump said that WHO has become China-centric and China has long been taking advantage of the US.

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