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On the initiative of Yoga Gurukul Assam and Chalachitra (Finance and Upgradation) Corporation of Assam State, an awareness camp was organized by Yoga Sanjeevani on Saturday in the meeting hall of Assam State Cinematography Corporation office, Punjabari, Guwahati.

In this program, Ayurvedic physician Dr. Jayant Burman informed the workers of Yoga Gurukul Assam about the need of practicing yoga for a beautiful life by taking proper care of physical and mental health. To get rid of the disease at home, it has been called to adopt Ayurveda medicine.

In the meeting, Assam Pradesh Chalachitra Nigam President Seemant Shekhar, while participating in this awareness meeting, appealed to the people to adopt yoga practice in their life to stay healthy. In the meeting, Vice President of Yoga Gurukul and Prof of B Baruwa College. Manoj Kumar Das, Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Dipankar Saha, Yoga teacher Mrityunjay Rajak, Chandra Mudai, distinguished actress Mridula Baruva along with many dignitaries were present.

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