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In September 2021 itself, Flipkart inaugurated 4 more supply-chain-centres to help thousands of sellers before the start of the festive season at these locations spread over 1.2 million square feet in Sankpa, Yakubpur, Kulana and Rewari was.

In a pandemic situation affecting the jobs and livelihoods of many people, e-commerce is a great opportunity to emerge for the betterment of the people, which is not only helping in economic growth but also helping thousands of people in the states directly and indirectly. Roop is also working to provide jobs. In this too, Flipkart ranks first, which is India’s first domestic e-commerce platform, which is at the forefront of connecting millions of customers with local sellers. At the same time, considering their needs, it is also providing massive employment opportunities in the states to help in their development.

In the last 3 years, the number of sellers of Flipkart in Haryana has almost doubled to 25,000, making it the 6th largest seller center of Flipkart across India. Increasing the revenue potential of sellers, reaching out to customers across India, becoming the most preferred platform for sellers is a new record for e-commerce platforms in itself. All these vendors cater to around 45 crore customers spread across the country to reach out to their necessities like home furniture to home decor items as well as healthcare and other home necessities etc. .

Today, Flipkart has established its state-of-the-art supply-chain-network at key locations such as Binola, Bilaspur, Luhari, Ballabhgarh and Farrukhnagar including Haryana, connecting sellers with customers across India as well as an opportunity for the growth of the state. provide. Currently, Flipkart has over 12 supply-chain facilities including fulfillment and sorting centers and Flipkart has provided around 69,000 direct and indirect local job opportunities in the state through 108 delivery hubs.

In September 2021 itself, Flipkart inaugurated 4 more supply-chain-centres to help thousands of sellers before the start of the festive season at these locations spread over 1.2 million square feet in Sankpa, Yakubpur, Kulana and Rewari was.

Consolidating its commitment to the state, Flipkart is now working towards setting up a logistics park at Patli Hajipur, Manesar, which is likely to be commissioned by 2024. Once launched, it will be one of the biggest and most sustainable facilities for Flipkart across the country, and has already been certified as a “Green Logistics Park” by the Indian Green Building Council.

This facility will further increase employment opportunities in the state as well as boost infrastructure for vendors, MSMEs, women entrepreneurs in the region.

To help create a pool of trained workforce under its Supply-Chain-Operations Academy, Flipkart conducted a 60-day training program to help fill the skill gap and create employment opportunities in the country’s sprawling supply-chain industry. has started. The program is designed to impart knowledge on various aspects of e-commerce supply-chain such as soft skills, security and compliance. Around 250 students from the state were selected for the first phase, who also got the opportunity to receive hands-on training at Flipkart’s many supply-chain facilities in the state.

Hemant Badri, Senior Vice-President and Head of E-Cart says that, being a homegrown e-commerce marketplace, we are working towards creating jobs and skills among thousands of youth across the state by connecting our sellers with customers across the country. Committed to contribute to economic development. We have one of the largest and deepest investments in Haryana for large appliances including specialized facilities for large appliances as well as small products like mobiles, apparel, grocery and furniture, thereby creating many employment and profit opportunities in the respective sector. . Here Flipkart All Our Stakeholders

As such, the seller takes great pride in creating a value for himself in front of everyone including the grocer, customer, partners and community. Expand our long standing relationship with the state of Haryana, we are very happy to do technology enabled business while continuing the democratization.

Flipkart has a long standing relationship with Haryana despite being spread across multiple regions. An agreement was signed by both Walmart and Flipkart on the concurrence of the Directorate of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of Haryana, as part of the Walmart Vriddhi Supplier Development Program in order to boost the growth of MSMEs in the state.

Apart from its focus on MSMEs, Flipkart has a commitment to supplement the income of kirana vendors as well as help them understand and adopt the technology through kirana itself. Flipkart is currently working with 3500 kirana partners in Haryana. These kirana vendors have registered an increase of around 30% in their average monthly delivery earnings after joining Flipkart.

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