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From the corporate world to MSMEs and small traders have united to make the Har Ghar Tricolor campaign a success. To make this campaign successful, 25 crore flags will be required whereas at present 4-5 crore flags are estimated to be available in the country. Therefore, the tricolor campaign is also being seen as a business opportunity for small and cottage entrepreneurs.

brainstorming on making the campaign a success
To celebrate the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence and to show respect for the national flag, the Har Ghar Tricolor campaign will be run from August 13-15 on the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this regard, a meeting was convened by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), in which in-depth discussions were held to make the Har Ghar Tricolor campaign a success.

Flags of three sizes can be prepared
Senior officials of the Ministry of Culture were also present in the meeting in which it was decided that mainly three shaped flags could be prepared for the Tricolor campaign at Har Ghar. A size can be 20 by 30 (20 vertical then 30 horizontal). The second size may be 16 by 24 and the third size may be six by nine.

Corporate world united
The corporate world will distribute flags to all its employees to hoist the tricolor at home, while the wholesale traders are also preparing to distribute the tricolor to the people along with the shops across the country. But questions are also being raised about the availability of the flag.

Permission to make flag from man made polyester
Praveen Khandelwal, General Secretary, Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), who attended the DPIIT meeting, said that the work of getting information about the stock of flags in the market across the country is going on and maximum 4-5 crore flags are estimated to be available. These include flags available with Khadi Village Industries. This time permission has also been given to make flag from man made polyester.

200 crore business possible
He said that making a flag can cost Rs 10-12 and through the flag a business of Rs 200 crore can be done in the next 15 days. According to the corporate world, if the flag distribution campaign is linked with social responsibility, free flag distribution will become easier for them. On raising this issue in the meeting organized by DPIIT, it was assured to seek clarification in this regard from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

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