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Culture and Tourism Minister Satpal Maha addressing the regional people at Siddhpeeth Kalika Mandir? – Photo : KOTDWAR
In the famous Siddhpeeth Kalika temple situated between Garhwal and Kumaon, the idol of Maa Kalika was established and Prana Pratishtha was done with Vedic chants. Cultural programs were also organized during this time. The Chief Guest in the program, Tourism and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj said that the Culture Department would issue identity cards after selecting the folk artists at the Gram Sabha, Block and Municipality level. All the empaneled artistes will be covered by Life Insurance and Accident Insurance.

The Tourism Minister said that workshops would be organized for the artists above the age of 45 years in the nearby Panchayat houses and community places. After this they will be graded on the basis of their art. He offered prayers at the Kalika temple and announced the linking of the temple with the Bhagwati circuit and all the Garhwal-Kumaon roads from the temple. On this occasion, Suyash Rawat, son of Tourism Minister donated one lakh rupees to the temple committee.

Salt MLA Mahesh Jina, BJP Mahila Morcha National General Secretary Deepti Rawat, Bironkhal block chief Rajesh Kandari and temple committee president Chandra Singh Rawat were present on the occasion.
The minister announced the construction and asphaltization of the road
On this occasion, the Tourism Minister inaugurated Jogimarhi-Bayeda link road, Moruband to Dhobi Ghat motorway, Vedikhal-Bharolikhal, Farsadi-Thanga motor road, Rikhad-Dhobi Ghat asphaltization, Dangu Malla-Gujiya Mahadev, Divoli-Nolapur asphaltization, Kollari under Bironkhal. Announced for Talai asphaltization, asphaltization of Setukhal-Bharolikhal motor road, asphaltization of Saraikhet-Jogimarhi road.
Devotees dance on the hymns of Narendra Singh Negi
Badgero. Folk singers Narendra Singh Negi, Anil Bisht and Meena Rana made the atmosphere devotional by performing more than one hymns in the program organized on the installation of the idol of Maa Kalika. During this, folk singer Narendra Singh Negi performed bhajans on which the devotees kept swinging till late in the evening. When Narendra Singh Negi gave the performance of Jai Ambe Durga Bhavani… then the goddess incarnated on many women. He performed Bhajans like Aija Darshan Cari Aula Durga Naraini.., Bani Bani Ka Nau Chan Tera.., Jai Kalinka Mai.., Hemwant Desh Hola Trijugi Narain etc. Meena Rana Jai ​​Dhari Devi Kalinka .. presented the hymn. Apart from this, Anil Bisht and Vishan Singh Harela made the atmosphere devotional by performing bhajans.

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