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First World Solar Technology Summit today

  • First World Solar Technology Summit today

    The First World Solar Technology Summit will be organised today by the International Solar Alliance.

    More than 26000 participants from 149 countries have registered to join the virtual Summit.

    The summit is expected to bring the spotlight on accelerating affordable and sustainable clean green energy by showcasing and deliberating on innovative state of the art next generation technologies in solar power.

    Power Minister R.K. Singh, the President of the ISA Assembly will be joined by the Vice Presidents of ISA from Africa, Asia Pacific and the Latin American and Caribbean Region during the inaugural address.

    The inaugural of the World Technolgy summit will witness the rolling of an action- packed agenda with the conclusion and announcement of three agreements.

    A tripartite agreement between India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the World Bank and the International Solar Alliance is also set to be inked.

    ISA’s technology journal, Solar Compass 360 will also be launched during the summit.

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