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There are many animals at risk of extinction. The greatest risk they face is loss of habitats and loss of genetic changes. Here are some 12 species that our next generation may learn only from history books.

The Maha

Adax (white antelope / antelope) is a species of endangered antelope. Because of unregulated fishing, it is very rare in its native country but very common in captivity.

African wild ass
African wild ass

The African wild donkey (wild wild donkey), believed to be the ancestor of local donkeys, is considered a threatened species with only 570 individuals in the wild.

2. Emory Leopard

Emory Leopard

Tiger Amur is a subspecies listed as endangered. In 2015, it is estimated that less than 60 people live in Russia and China.
3. The Arab Cheetah

The Arab leopard is a subspecies listed in the list of endangered species since 1996. It is estimated that fewer than 200 wild animals were alive in 2006.

4. Asian cheetah

Asian cheetah

The Asian leopard is an endangered species that exists only in Iran.

5. Blue throat parrot

Blue throat parrot

The blue-collar parrot, endemic in a small area of ​​north-central Bolivia, is seriously endangered and protects the parrot from commercial taboos. Recent estimates indicate that about 350 to 400 people remain in the wild.

6. Brazilian merganser

Brazilian merganser

Brazilian mergansi is one of six threatened water birds in the world with at least 250 birds in the wild and 4 currently in captivity.

7. Chinese alligator

Chinese alligator

The Chinese crocodile (Yangtze) is one of the two species known in crocodile, a seriously endangered species and a settler in eastern China.

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