Drug smuggling: drug smuggling on Dehradun STF radar, eyes in hilly areas

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After catching small drug traffickers, STF is now trying to catch big fish. For this, STF has identified more than 10 big smugglers from Himachal, Bareilly and Uttarakhand hills. STF may soon be able to catch these big dealers.

In fact, from the local police to the STF, there are campaigns against drug traffickers. Many such big actions were taken in the past. Three days ago, the STF also tried to break the nexus between the police and smugglers.

A total of six including two policemen have been arrested. Everybody, big or small, tells the police to bring the consignment from the hill districts of Bareilly, Himachal or Uttarakhand.

In the past several years, no one has laid a hand on these big smugglers of Bareilly or Himachal etc. It is believed that they are also mixed with influencers, but now the STF has made a strategy of action against them too.

According to STF officials, more than 10 smugglers from Himachal, Bareilly, Uttarkashi etc. have been identified. Any action can be taken against them by STF and NCB soon.

STF is continuously working against drug traffickers. The team’s morale has increased after a major action in Haridwar. In such a situation, the horoscope of the big smugglers living in the outside areas is being investigated. There will be some major actions soon.
-Ajay Singh, SSP, STF

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