COVID19- “Give your full strength and dedicate yourself to the safety of your people”: Uttarakhand High Court told the state government

Under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, the Uttarakhand High Court on Monday (May 10) issued several special and general guidelines for the management of COVID to the state government, underlining that protecting the lives of the people is the most important duty of the state. . The court also pulled up the state government for not preparing well to deal with the second wave of the Corona epidemic. A division bench of Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and Justice Alok Kumar Verma stated that, “Despite the fact that in January 2021, the scientific community had repeatedly warned about the second wave of the Corona epidemic, the state had no one to turn to.” Not even noticed … Surprisingly, despite the fact that the state has been battling the Corona epidemic for the last year and a half, there seems to be a lack of any concrete plan to deal with the epidemic.

The court also noted that due to some mistakes and some negligence, the corona epidemic has spread to a large scale in the state and the nation as a whole. Significantly, the court said, “While the government is doing its best to fight the epidemic, they have a lot of duty to their people under the constitutional mandate and political diligence, being the guardians of the people.” The state government must extract every single drop of its strength and every penny of its finances and dedicate itself to the safety of its people. No state can progress unless the health and welfare of the people will be guaranteed by the state. Needless to say that plans for good governance need to be considered, planned and implemented. ”The court also said that the state government and the people would have to be very cautious while dealing with the epidemic and the people would have to follow the SOP. Will have to be carefully followed.

The court issued the following instructions: – The state government should increase the number of COVID19 test laboratories, especially in Haridwar district. If the number of test laboratories cannot be increased, the state government should immediately take steps to start COVID19 mobile test vans across the state. To understand the epidemic and its dangers, people living in the hilly areas of the state should be tested as soon as possible.

The state should also consider whether the time has come to convert 20 colleges and hotels into segregation / quarantine centers. -The state government should plan to establish more temporary hospitals, especially in big cities like Dehradun, Haridwar and Haldwani. Even in Ramnagar and other medium-sized cities, dedicated COVID health centers / care centers need to be set up on a war footing. -The state government should negotiate with the central government and instead of getting oxygen tanks from Jamshedpur and West Bengal in Jharkhand, according to its quota, the central government should take permission to keep the produced oxygen tanks within the state as per its quota. The state government should also consider the possibility of import of oxygen concentrator in collaboration with the central government. The state government should ensure that those who manufacture adulterated and counterfeit drugs are charged with offenses under Section 27 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. -The state’s Drug Controller is directed to ensure that drug inspectors inspect the drugstores, and try to find out about those who hoard important drugs such as “ramdescivir injection” , And who are black marketing this important anti-viral injection. The government should ensure that the SOP issued by the Char Dham management is strictly followed. Further, the necessary steps to implement the said SOP should be taken immediately by the government in association with the management of Char Dham. -The state government is directed to take strict action against those private hospitals which are charging more money in the name of treatment from the patients of Corona.

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