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COVID-19 recovery rate stands at 78.64%

  • COVID-19 recovery rate stands at 78.64%

    Government on Thursday said that the country’s recovery rate among the COVID-19 patients has reached to 78.64 per cent.

    During the last 24 hours, more than 82 thousand COVID patients have been recovered. Health Ministry said, the total number of recoveries has reached over 40.25 lakh. The constantly increasing recoveries have ensured that the actual caseload of the country has reduced and currently comprises only 19.73 per cent of the total positive cases. It said, that the active cases of Covid 19 in the country is less than one fifth of the total cases.

    Presently, the total number of active cases in the country is 10,09,000. The Ministry said, effective implementation of Centre’s strategic and graded Test-Track-Treat approach has led to higher recoveries and lower fatality. Currently, India’s Case Fatality Rate is at 1.63 per cent, which is one of the lowest globally. In the last 24 hours, 1132 deaths have been reported taking the toll to 83,198.

    According to ICMR, during the last 24 hours, more than 11,36,000 thousand tests have been conducted. The total sample tested so far has reached to over six crore five lakhs. The Testing strategy also ensured a steady expansion of the national lab network.

    Today, with 1059 labs in the government sector and 692 private labs, 1751 labs are providing comprehensive testing facilities to the people.

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