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Arogya Setu app: How to alert from corona infection

The whole world is currently fighting a big battle with the corona epidemic. To help in this battle, an app named ‘Arogya Setu’ has been launched by the Union Ministry of Health. Recently, after the appeal of the Prime Minister, this app has been downloaded by crores of Indians. This app has been created by the Department of AYUSH, Government of India to make people aware of Corona and keep them safe. Information related to corona symptoms, prevention and prevention are given in the app. This is the reason that all the soldiers of the Central Armed Police Force have been instructed by the Ministry of Home Affairs to install this app for effective fight against Corona. Apart from this, about 13 lakh employees of Railways and all the people, teachers and students associated with educational institutions have been asked by the Ministry of Human Resources to download and install this app.
What is ‘Arogya Setu’ app?
The ‘Arogya Setu’ app helps people assess the risk and risk of corona virus infection. This app is designed to protect people from corona virus infection. Whichever phone will have this app, Bluetooth technology, algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) technology are used to find out how much it has been in contact with others. Using our mobile’s Bluetooth, GPS and mobile number, this special app helps to find out about Corona positive people around us. Apart from this, it also gives alert notifications about the possibility of contact with the infected person. However, this can only be known when the suspected infected person who comes in contact has also installed this app in their mobile phone and it is active. This is the reason why emphasis is being given to campaign to install this app in more and more mobile phones. Apart from Android smartphone, this app can also be installed in iPhone. This app uses our mobile number, Bluetooth and location data for contact tracing and tells if you are under corona risk. Using location and Bluetooth, the app keeps checking whether there is any infected person or potential infected around you. This app works only when you register your mobile number and authenticate it with OTP. If you wish to become a volunteer in times of need, there is also an option to enroll yourself for this while registering an app. The app also provides all the necessary guidelines and suggestions to prevent corona.
How to install?
First of all, turn on your mobile location and Bluetooth. Now open ‘Apple Store’ or ‘Google Play Store’ and type AarogyaSetu in the search. Install this app in your mobile from here. When you install this app, it will ask for permission to use the mobile location. After installing, always keep both the Bluetooth and location of the mobile on, because this app will work only when both of them are on. Through them, this app will know when and where you are going and whether you have inadvertently come in contact with a corona infected person. After opening the app, select your favorite language from the 11 available Indian languages. Now, to give your registration, give correct information about your name, age, gender, occupation, foreign travel done in the last 14 days, etc. Information about the helpline number of the central and all the states is available in the app, on which you can dial that number on click.
How does the app work?
In addition to the personal information given in the app ‘Self Assessment Test’, based on the information, symptoms, disease etc. and your location, how much risk of corona you have. Whether you need a phone consultation, a corona test or a doctor. The corona risk is estimated on the basis of this self assessment test and others are also alerted on the same basis, so it is very important that it is given the right information at the time of registering. If you are at risk of corona, then through the app you will get information that you need to get corona tested or only quarantine will work. If corona tests need to be done, then you will also get information about where you can get these tests done. In the Arogya Setu app, the risk level is indicated through green and yellow zones. If you are shown in a green zone in your mobile app, it means that you are not a threat and you are safe but to avoid corona, it is necessary for you to maintain social distance and stay at home. . If you are shown yellow color in this app, it means that you are very risky and you should contact the helpline. If a person with corona positive or corona symptoms does not remain in isolation and goes to a public place, the information will also reach the administration.
Monitoring from apps other than Arogya Setu
Apart from Arogya Setu, such mobile apps have been started by some state governments like Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa etc. through which information related to Corona is being obtained. Use of ‘Corona Alert Tracing System’ is being started in Andhra Pradesh, through which home quarantine

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