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Along with monkeypox in the country, there is a danger of spreading African Swine Fever. According to the report of news agency PTI, the process of killing pigs to prevent the spread of African swine fever in Kerala’s Wayanad district was started on Sunday. Recently some cases of African Swine Fever have been reported in Wayanad district.

News agency PTI has said in its report that some farmers affected by the government’s decision to kill pigs have also protested. However, after showing the investigation report received from the National High Security Animal Research Institute, Bhopal, the farmers agreed to cooperate in killing the pigs. Cases of this disease were found in two farms of Manantwadi in Wayanad district. The Deputy Collector said that the pigs are being killed to prevent the disease from spreading to other areas or farms.

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The Deputy Collector also informed that the process of giving compensation to the affected farmers would be expedited. It is known that all the animals of one of the two farms in Manantwadi had died of African Swine Fever. As a precaution, the process of killing animals has been started in other farms in the area. It will be completed in a week. Kerala Animal Husbandry Minister JC Rani has issued instructions to the farms to strictly follow the government guidelines.

In Sambhal, more than 500 pigs have died during a month. All the deaths are suspected to have been caused by the deadly African Swine Fever. The post-mortem of a pig has been sent to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI, Bareilly) after taking a sample. The death of two pigs is also reported in Pilibhit. At present, the deadly African Swine Fever (ASF) for pigs has spread in many states. The infection started from African countries.

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