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Hearing the matter of charging more than the face value on the bottle of foreign liquor, the Consumer Commission has ordered the seller to pay Rs 25 lakh to the complainant.

Complainant Amit Kumar resident chamber number 515 Roshanabad Kachari Haridwar had lodged a complaint against the opposition manager foreign liquor shop village Dhanauri’s licensee Ashok Kumar, resident of Heera Hedi Post Iqbalpur police station Jhabreda. The complainant had alleged that he had bought a bottle of foreign liquor on 19 September 2021 from the shop of the opposition with the debit card of his acquaintance. The opposition had debited Rs 790 from the debit card while the bottle was marked with a value of Rs 780.

When the complainant asked the opposition to take Rs 10 more, he was abused. It was said that they take 10 rupees more, they cannot spoil anything. While hearing the case registered against the opposition in the Consumer Commission, the Chairman of the Commission, Kanwar Sen members Anjana Chadha and Vipin Kumar have given the above decision.

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