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 The Rajyogi brothers and sisters of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya's service center at Pauri and Kotdwar celebrated the Harela festival with great gaiety by planting trees on the barren land. On this occasion, BK Jyoti, the operator of Kotdwar Seva Kendra, said, "Every living being has to be empowered by connecting with God while creating harmony with nature.

Brahma Kumari’s massive tree plantation campaign in Garhwal region will run from June 5 to August 25 this year, in which a target has been set to plant 40 lakh saplings by the service centers for 75 days. In which 100 saplings were planted by the brothers and sisters of VK in Telipada Farm with the help of Forest Officer of Kaurian Forest Range by Brahma Kumari Seva Kendra Kotdwar which will continue continuously.

Giving information about the tree plantation campaign, B. K Jyoti Behen told that Kalpataruh Maha Abhiyan was started in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Government of India on World Environment Day on 5th June to protect the environment. Under which a great target has been set to plant 40 lakh saplings in 75 days from 5th June to 25th August all over India. With this the 50th anniversary of the historic Chipko movement of Uttarakhand begins. It was told that, in the context of this special year and campaign, in the five hill districts of Garhwal division, BUnder the direction of Mehr Chand director Brahma Kumaris Garhwal region, a target has been set to plant more than one lakh saplingsHe further told that a special app has been designed to make this great campaign a success and to monitor the trees, through which work is being done to nurture the spiritual values ​​of the individuals, so that they can take inspiration from the tree planted by their son. He is taking good care of the Horticulture DeptSpecial thanks were expressed for providing fruitful saplings.

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