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Uttarakhand: A lot of education department, three teachers on six children, and one at 55
Four teachers at 27 students in primary school koti.
Three teachers are deployed at six students in primary school Kalban in Doiwala block of Dehradun district. The primary school of this block is three teachers on ten students in Basantpur and 12 students in Silachauke. While three teachers on seven students in the primary school Bado of Kallsi Block, there are four teachers at 27 students in eight students in the Mandoli of this block.

Apart from this, the primary school of Raipur block are three teachers on 12 students in Tarolihgarh. At the same time, a teacher is employed at 55 students in the primary school ground of Sahaspur block. This is some of the other schools. Many schools are dependent on single teachers in the state. Whereas under the Right to Education Act, two teachers on one to 60 children and the deployment of three teachers at 60 to 90.

According to Digvijay Chauhan, President of the Primary Teacher, Digvijay Chauhan, there is no deployment of teachers according to standard in Haridwar, Dehradun and Udhamsingh Nagar district. Common teachers are not being transferred due to the declaration of session zero for the last three years. However, under Section 27, this situation has been made from the deployment of teachers from the interactive districts in Haridwar, Dehradun and Udhamsingh Nagar district.

In the districts of the state, more than the standard teachers are employed. Those teachers will be removed from the concerned schools. Officials have been asked for reports in this regard. In Dehradun district, some teachers have been deployed in other schools on this basis.

  • RK Uniyal, Director Basic Education

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