14 things you didn’t know you can do on Gmail

14 things you didn’t know you can do on Gmail

14 things you didn't know you can do on Gmail1/1514 things you didn’t know you can do on Gmail

In the last many months, Google has added several new features to Gmail — the world’s most popular email service. You can now send emails that expire on their own after the time limit you have put, can set password for replies you send and do lots more. Here are 14 things you may not know you can do on Gmail.

Switch accounts with a simple swipe2/15Switch accounts with a simple swipe

Long available in Apple iPhones, users can now switch Gmail accounts on Android app as well. The feature will surely come handy to users who switch between accounts if you use more than one. The feature is called swipe-to-switch feature and as the name suggests, the swipe-to-switch feature allows Android users to swipe (up or down) on their Google Account avatar in the top-right corner to switch between the Google accounts. Once you swipe, first your profile icon will change — depending on whether you have added an image or use the default first alphabet icon.

Now you can schedule delivery of an email3/15Now you can schedule delivery of an email

It is also possible for you to decide when your email gets delivered in someone else’s inbox. That’s because you can now schedule the date and the time of your composed email.

Increase the email recall time4/15Increase the email recall time

So what’s the use of this? It can be very useful in situations when you’ve sent a mail that you were in the process of drafting, or wasn’t really sure that you had to send, mistakenly. Increasing the undo time up to 30 seconds gives you that some time to click on ‘Undo’ send and get the mail back inside your Inbox. This option can be seen in the ‘Settings’ tab inside Gmail.

Send self-destructing emails5/15Send self-destructing emails

This feature was introduced by Gmail last year. It lets you send an email and set a timer to it. The timer, although not visible, turns on the moment it is opened by the receiver. After the given time he/she won’t be able to access that mail. This option can be found as a ‘lock’ icon at the bottom while composing a mail.

Add SMS passcode to your emails6/15Add SMS passcode to your emails

You can even add an extra layer of security to your Gmail account. This is by tapping on the same ‘lock’ icon in the compose mail. All you need to do is to click on the ‘SMS passcode’ option, which by default should be at ‘No SMS passcode’.

Mute unwanted mail chain conversations7/15Mute unwanted mail chain conversations

It often happens that someone tags you in a single mail and then several others start replying to ‘all’ and you’re buzzed every time a new mail arrives – even if it doesn’t have to do anything with you. In such cases, you can mute the mail conversation by selecting the mail chain and tapping on the three-dot icon on the above bar to ‘mute’ it.

View emails separately instead in a single conversation8/15View emails separately instead in a single conversation

You can turn off emails threads and start seeing them as separate emails by going into Settings > General > Conversation View. It lets you keep a track of different emails easily.

Use Gmail even when there is no internet connectivity (offline)9/15Use Gmail even when there is no internet connectivity (offline)

If you’re unaware, using Gmail offline is also a possibility now. Although the actual work will be done only when the device gets internet connectivity. If the offline mode is switched on, you can at least access Gmail, compose emails and save them. This option can be found in Settings > Offline tab.

Preview emails on Gmail10/15Preview emails on Gmail

Just like Outlook, you can preview emails on Gmail as well. All you need to do is to change the view settings. To activate it navigate to Settings > Advanced > Enable Preview Pane and save changes. Then go to the Inbox and click on the view settings on top right corner in the same bar from where you access ‘Settings’.

Search and delete the clutter and create more space11/15Search and delete the clutter and create more space

Searching and deleting emails in Gmail is fairly easy. You can tap on the search bar and put the desired information in the filter. You can filter emails based on who you send emails to, whom you’ve received emails from, size of the emails and more. Based on that you can delete them and eventually create some more space.

Send pre-set replies12/15Send pre-set replies

In case you’re not willing to write the same response to several people who have emailed you, you can use canned responses. Although you have to type that as well, it’s a one-time thing. To access it, navigate through Settings > Advanced > Canned Responses (templates).

Smart Compose is now smarter13/15Smart Compose is now smarter

With a smarter ‘Smart Compose’ feature, Gmail users will be able to use more personalised suggestions. For instance, it will show you ‘Ello, mate’ suggestion if you like it that way. The feature will also suggest a subject line based on the email you have written.

Remove social and promotions tab14/15Remove social and promotions tab

You can remove different tabs so you get all your emails into one and don’t have to tap on each tab and delete the emails separately, something which may take slightly more time. This can be found inside Settings > Configure Inbox option.

Actionable inbox15/15Actionable inbox

Gmail’s Actionable Inbox aims to make you more productive by simply commenting on threads in Google Docs or browse hotel rooms right from inside the email. This will save the users’ time to leave the tab, open another one and start browsing in that.

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